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I got this as a replacement for a LP156WH3 (TL)(S1) screen that i had on an HP envy. I was skeptical as to wether or not this was going to fit since it is an (SA) not an (S1). I ordered it anyways and sure enough it was a perfect fit.

Eva Jordan


The screen fit my HP 129WM- G56 PERFECTLY. I love this screen. It is bright and looks brand new. It was very easy to install. All I looked at were a coupe of videos from YouTube and repaired my screen myself. If you have a broken screen, save yourself some money and order this screen!



Perfect match to what I ordered. Shipping was on time.
The packaging I must say is some of the best I have seen. They took great care to make sure this fragile component was shipped.
Double boxed and plenty of big bubble wrap at least 2 to 3 good rounds of it.
Its installed after 20 mins. of (fun time) with small screws. No dead pixels or defects that I can see.
I hope I never have to replace again but if I ever do I would go with these guys again.

David Jame

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I’ve been using Lcds4less for 6 years and love how the service, the quality of their screens, and the business has grown a lot since. I completely relied on their experience in product replacements, without wasting time in sending back the low quality screens of ebay sellers.

John Richard
Nix-Tech Computers

It makes my life so much easier, screens are top quality. I wish I had them as partners before. Be a member is a game changer, I also got a dedicated marketing plan for my store that has incrased by 70% my income, I still can not belive how great the service is.

Paul Dobon
Neo Smart

They are FAST!!! and really well organized. it's impressive before I had to refuse so many replacements cause I wasn't able to find the part for my customer, now I'm always able to find the screen and my business is growing fast in my city, people know that I can always do the replacement for any model now. THANK YOU

John Richard
Computer Mania

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